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Warehouse optimisation – how to improve efficiency in your space

Your warehouse is the beating heart of your business operation – and needs to be treated as such. For business owners and operations managers looking to keep total cost of ownership (TCO) as low as possible, the slick function of their core space should be absolutely paramount.

For those who are yet to look into warehouse optimisation, common issues like inventory inaccuracy and poor space utilisation can hamper day to day efficiency, and therefore the success of the overall business. The good news is optimisation techniques are improving every day and now, with the help of technology, it’s easier than ever to make the most of your warehouse.

Streamline your warehouse operation via automation

Daily warehouse activity features countless smaller, repetitive processes that are essential to the efficiency of the business. In an area where consistency is key, the less direct human interaction, the better.

Today, thanks to warehouse automation technology, core tasks such as storage, tracking and moving processes can be undertaken via specialised equipment rather than the workforce itself. This allows for human labour to focus on value-added tasks while increasing output and efficiency on processes, as well as recording actionable data for future improvement.

Use your space correctly

Intelligent use of your warehouse space can make a massive difference to how smoothly your ops run and your TCO figure.

A well optimised space incorporates a balance of appropriate inventory storage and loading and unloading operations, but also looks to minimise operator travel time. That means using the correct types of racking and pallets for your core products and creating space where possible for multiple loading sites, but not at the expense of efficient travel routes – particularly if you operate a large fleet of forklift trucks.

Of course, each warehouse layout should be tailored to the business and its primary product.

Electrify your fleet

The bigger the operation and the bigger your number of forklift trucks, the more you stand to benefit from the electrification of your fleet. The TCM range of electric counterbalance trucks are transforming warehouse operations from blue chip brands down.

As well as the obvious carbon emission and sustainability benefits, TCM’s world class energy consumption technology offers potentially major operational cost savings, while regenerative braking technology maximises uptime. On top of those, quieter noise systems and market leading ergonomics offer optimal operator safety and comfort, making for increased employee wellbeing and productivity.

Regular servicing avoids downtime

Material handling equipment servicing might seem like an easy choice to cut corners on for many businesses for both time and cost purposes – but the fallout, should anything go wrong with a key piece of machinery, can be significant.

Ignore servicing your forklift trucks for too long and you could experience a full breakdown, leading to extended downtime, unanticipated repair costs and a notable dent in output. Businesses can avoid these concerns by looking into forklift hire rather than owning a fleet, or by simply committing to a regular servicing plan.

For those operating forklifts in the Hull, York and Harrogate area, Barek provides an exceptional range of new and approved used TCM machinery, as well as forklift hire options.


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