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Unlock the potential for your business to operate efficiently and competitively with our forklift finance solutions at Barek Lift Trucks. We understand that acquiring forklift equipment can be a substantial upfront investment, and that’s where our tailored financing options come into play. Whether you need to purchase, lease, or explore alternative financing structures, we offer flexible plans that align with your budget and operational needs. Our experienced team, along with our industry partners will work closely with you to find the right financial solution, ensuring you have access to the forklift equipment required for seamless material handling, without the financial strain. Choose Barek Lift Trucks for comprehensive forklift finance that empowers your business and keeps it moving forward.



Contract hire forklift finance, also known as forklift rental, is a financial arrangement that enables businesses to use forklift equipment without the burden of ownership.

Under this agreement, a business contracts with a leasing company or finance provider to use forklifts for a predetermined period, usually with a fixed monthly payment. Unlike hire purchase, ownership of the forklift remains with the leasing company throughout the contract term.

This arrangement offers flexibility, as businesses can upgrade or change their forklifts easily, often includes maintenance and servicing, and is particularly beneficial for those seeking cost-effective, short- to medium-term solutions.

It allows businesses to focus on their core operations while the leasing company handles equipment management and upkeep. At the end of the contract, businesses can typically return the forklifts, renew the lease, or explore purchasing options.



Hire Purchase forklift finance is a financing arrangement where a business acquires a forklift by making an initial down payment followed by regular instalments over a set period, typically 1 to 5 years.

Ownership of the forklift is transferred to the business upon the agreement’s initiation, but a security interest is held by the financing provider until the final payment, after which the business becomes the outright owner.

This financing option provides ownership benefits, potential asset appreciation, flexible terms, and potential tax advantages, making it a suitable choice for businesses looking to own forklifts while managing their cash flow.



Whatever your business or circumstances, our specialist finance partners will endeavour to provide you with the right package that ensures you have the right tools to grow your business.

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