UK Materials Handling Association Accreditation

Lots of people can hire or sell you a fork lift truck… and all will tell you they’re the best.  But few, if any, can back that up with solid evidence.

We can.

Barek Lift Trucks has been awarded the national certificate of accreditation from the country’s foremost authority on materials handling: the UK Material Handling Association (UKMHA).

As members of the UKMHA, Barek Lift Trucks abides by a stringent Code of Practice.  The Code is evidence that we are competent to offer expert advice and specify the most appropriate equipment.

It means we deliver robust, prompt service support carried out by fully trained engineers, use high quality parts and are backed by insurance cover of more than £5m.

Underpinning the Code of Practice is the UKMHA’s rigorous Audit.  Developed specifically for the fork lift truck industry, it is unlike many accreditations that use an on-line questionnaire. Instead, a Compliance Manager from the UKMHA undertakes a physical on-site audit to inspect more than 100 criteria, across areas of business operations including safety, health, environmental and risk management.

UKMHA Compliance Manager Lee Medway carried out the audit, he explains why the process is so important:

“The audit is designed to give customers real peace of mind.  As an UKMHA audit accredited company, they know that Barek Lift Trucks has measured up to an industry-led health check, works to standards demonstrably higher than unaccredited companies and removes a potentially weak link in your chain of traceability and accountability.”

Accepting certification Nick Leek said: “We welcomed the UKMHA audit as an opportunity to review our operations. It presented us with a welcome opportunity to stand back, take stock and work even more effectively on behalf of our customers. Achieving accreditation helps eliminate customers’ risk of any weak link in the supply chain of traceability and accountability.”

For more about the UKMHA Compliance Audit, contact the UK Materials Handling Association or visit the UKMHA website here.