Powerful, Efficient, Award Winning and Easy to Use.

Barek Lift Trucks introduces its award winning TCM FHB40-55 (4t – 5.5T Capacity) counterbalance truck designed to provide material handling operations with the highest standards in comfort, efficiency and safety.

The TCM FHB range offers all the power and handling of a traditional engine truck but with zero emissions and a low total cost of ownership (TCO). Engineered with operator-centric comfort in mind, the FHB range is setting new standards for ease of use and operator well-being during extended shifts. Prioritising comfort not only enhances operational pleasure but also fosters operator health and safety, substantially minimising workdays lost due to physical strain.

The ergonomic design encompasses controls and seating to empower operators with effortless control. Featuring a mini steering wheel for precise handling and improved visibility compared to conventional forklifts, TCM’s innovative approach ensures operators navigate with ease.


Operator Comfort

Designed for utmost operator comfort, the truck strategically positions hydraulic levers for maximum ease, while electronic fingertip control empowers operators to execute tasks seamlessly, even while wearing gloves, without raising their hands.

Moreover, noise reduction takes center stage in this innovation. The truck runs almost silently, boasting the quietest hydraulic pump in the market. Addressing noise pollution, a common issue with forklifts, this feature not only enhances productivity but also reduces stress and fatigue associated with noisy environments, fostering a more focused and efficient workforce.

TCM’s FHB series caters to both indoor and outdoor operations, equipped with internal climate control for operators to easily adapt to varying environments. Options such as integrated air conditioning and instant heat provide operators with optimal comfort. Its excellent ventilation, complemented by easily operable windows, ensures seamless outdoor operation regardless of weather conditions.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are paramount in the FHB series. The obstacle-free design grants operators an unobstructed, panoramic view from the cabin, eliminating the need for hazardous leaning or stretching to observe surroundings. Dark interior materials prevent reflections that might impede vision.

Advanced driver assistance features ensure automatic speed adjustments, hill hold function to prevent rollback on ramps, and load sensing for automatic performance adjustments based on lift, tilt, speed, and load weights.

Enhanced lighting further ensures safe operation in varied conditions, with strategically placed lights illuminating the load and surroundings, enhancing visibility without glare. Safety lights activate automatically, defining safe zones around the truck, while providing flexible operation options with various light modes.

Power and Efficiency

Engineered for power and efficiency, TCM’s FHB series offers the prowess of large-engine vehicles with a focus on energy efficiency, crucial for reducing total cost of ownership. The power and torque boost features enhance performance, allowing the truck to tackle uphill travel or heavy loads effortlessly.

Ease of use is a defining feature, with clearly visible displays offering all necessary information without distraction. Quick-release locks and 180-degree opening doors facilitate smooth operator changes and maintenance tasks.

With a range of models tailored to diverse operational needs, including compact options for tight spaces and high-performance models for intensive work, Barek ensures clients find the FHB truck tailored to their specifications.

While some features may be optional, please contact us further for more detailed information. We have a 5T demonstration truck available for you to try today!