FHB 25 – 35


This Electric FHB truck has been built to improve overall efficiency through effortless control.

  • Battery LI-ION READY
  • 80v VOLTAGE
  • 2.5 - 3.5T CAPACITY

Class-leading energy efficiency

Power agility to perform any task

This Electric FHB truck has been built to improve overall efficiency through effortless control. With crystal clear displays, adaptive speed control, swift battery exchange and customisable control options, each feature of this FHB has been designed to provide comfort and restore clear thinking.

  • Near silent running to dramatically reduce noise pollution and restore clear thinking combined with ergologic, intuitive design to maintain good posture, improve visibility and boost productivity.
  • Electronic finger tip control with innovative armrest enabling fully productive operation without the need to lift the hand.
  • Dual joystick hydraulic controls for enhanced control and functionality especially if thick gloves are necessary.
  • Mini Steering Wheel* – for precise control, increased forward visibility and ultimate operator ergonomic posture. *4.0-5.5 tonne only
  • Tilt Levelling – will automatically bring forks to horizontal position.
  • Release interlock – to prevent accidental opening if clamp attachment is fitted.
  • Hydraulic control levers have been ergonomically positioned to optimise comfort and are fitted as standard.
  • Extremely quiet hydraulic pumps and near silent drive units help eliminate operator fatigue and stress induced by noise pollution.

Ergonomic Access:

  • Low step height, designed for easy access.
  • Large Operator space with fully adjustable seat, armrest and steering wheel for greater comfort and improved driving posture, reducing the strain for both smaller and larger drivers (up to size 50 EU shoe).
  • Long-handled grab bar for all driver heights + curved battery cover to aid swift, smooth and safe entry/exit.


Spacious enclosed cabin for protection against the elements.

  • Intuitively integrated air conditioning and instant heat* for comfortable working in hot and cold environments, with fast demisting. *4.0-5.5 tonne only
  • Excellent ventilation – gliding side windows, 10cm opening rear window or fully opening for easy exit.
  • Impressive controls’ protection for most climates – showerproof and designed for outdoor use.
  • Increased cabin stability – Rubber mounted to minimise micro-vibrations.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Strong peripheral vision for awareness when manoeuvring in tight spaces.
  • New safety lights options to show safe boundaries around truck in low light environments.
  • Eliminates noise pollution with silent hydraulic pump to remove operator stress.
  • Delivers low energy consumption through intelligent boost features to improve productivity.
  • Ready for Lithium battery technology


Increased drive sensitivity and agility:

  • Adaptive speed control with rapid response to foot movement for smooth transition of power.
  • Independently controlled drive motors combined with 100+ degree steer axle deliver impressive 4 wheel steering and improved tight space agility.
  • Simulated Differential Lock finds best available traction in slippery conditions. Can be preset to action automatically via Trucktool.®*

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