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Investing in Forklifts – What are the Benefits?

Every business’s warehouse and site logistics needs are different. However, operational efficiency is paramount to your success regardless of whether you’re a major multinational or a small independent. As your business grows, there is bound to be a point where you require more than just manpower to maintain good logistical performance, which is where the prospect of introducing forklift trucks becomes a real possibility – if not a necessity.

Whether you’re thinking of adding your first forklift to the business or looking to grow your current fleet, there are some key reasons why investing in forklift trucks make sense.

Enhanced lift and load capacity

Starting with the most obvious benefit, forklift trucks massively increase your lift and load capacity around the warehouse. If your business is based in a heavy goods industry, it’ll be more or less impossible to operate without at least one from the very beginning. For those dealing in smaller goods, a forklift will completely revolutionise your day-to-day warehouse efficiency, turning any large-scale moving processes from slow and arduous to quick and easy.

Take the TCM FD 6.0-10.0 Series, for example – a range of counterbalance trucks that are capable of lifting loads of up to ten tonnes. In one single manoeuvre, a job that would otherwise take hours can be done in minutes.

Safety & comfort

As a business owner, the safety of your employees on site should be your top priority. While the days of lifting heavy goods with hazardous rope, cable and pulley systems are long gone, workers are still susceptible to the dangers of heavy lifting such as back injuries and accidents.

For the sake of both employee wellbeing and business liability risk, forklift use removes these potential hazards to create a safer working environment. On top of that, TCM’s market leading ergonomics in their trucks provide the ultimate in operator comfort.

The electric revolution

Sustainability is a massive factor in industry today, with virtually all businesses striving to become greener. Internal combustion engine (ICE) forklift trucks still have a huge part to play in modern site logistics and new models have vastly improved emission ratings. However, there’s no doubting that the age of electric forklifts is well and truly here – and they bring with them a number of operational benefits.

  • Reduced carbon footprint: Warehouse infrastructures are constantly changing and business needs growing. As site demands increase, electric forklifts allow for a significant reduction in carbon emissions.
  • Smarter energy consumption means lower costs: In designing their electric counterbalance trucks, TCM have strived to maximise operator efficiency. Their electric range offers world class energy consumption, meaning lower running costs and optimal warehouse productivity.
  • A better working environment: An optimised noise system in the electric counterbalance range offers improved workplace safety and a more comfortable work environment.

Improve your operational performance

Much improved lift and load capabilities, better safety and advanced technology – what do they all add up to? The answer is a complete overhaul of your operational performance, from lower running costs to increased warehouse productivity.

Forklift trucks allow you to streamline your day to day processes, reduce or refocus manpower to other key areas of the business and vastly improve working conditions on site. For the right business, the economic, operational and environmental benefits of an appropriate forklift fleet cannot be underestimated.

As the premier supplier of Harrogate, York and Hull’s forklifts, see if Barek can help revolutionise your business today.

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