Forklift work of art….. literally

A prospective client contacted us searching for a compact LPG forklift capable of working both within the confines of their workshop and also outside to unload incoming raw materials.

“Not a problem” we said. 

Then came the fun part….. “we also need the truck painted BRIGHT GREEN to match our corporate branding and culture” 

Again, “Not a problem” we said. 

After further consultation and a site survey, we sourced the correct specification truck from within our nationwide fleet of over 300+ forklifts and set to work. The truck was completely dismantled and prepared for a total repaint from the OEM yellow TCM colour to a bespoke bright green. Check out the before and after pictures, the results were fantastic. 

Once the truck was reassembled, it was subject to a rigorous 30 point service and Thorough Examination before being delivered to the client’s site. 

However, that isn’t where this story ends. To add some further customisation to the truck, the client commissioned some particularly cool hand drawn graphic designs turning the forklift into a literal working piece of art – a real show piece for their business. I think you’ll agree it looks brilliant. 

If you think this is cool, you should check out some of their amazing VW Camper conversions:

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