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Forklift Safety tips for the warehouse

For many of you, operating a forklift might seem like a simple enough task. However, if certain procedures are not carried out correctly, safety implications could arise, which, could in turn cause nasty accidents.

To ensure that you and your employees are always working in the safest and most effective way, here are 5 pieces of simple advice to avoid accidents involving a fork lift truck:

1) Familiarise yourself & staff with the surroundings

It is important that you and your employees are familiar with the space, warehouse or factory, where the forklift truck is being operated in. This way everyone will be confident about operating the forklift, knowing all the routes, space sizes and possible obstructions to avoid. If operators don’t feel familiar with their surroundings, it is very easy to become lost, resulting in collisions or getting the forklift stuck in a tight space. Before you take your truck out for a spin in a new environment, familiarise yourself with your surroundings so you are confident and well informed about the surroundings.

2) Don’t overload a forklift truck

Overloading a forklift is one of the most common mistakes made by operators. Overloading a forklift can make it unstable and unsafe, increasing the chance of an accident. Instead of trying to load everything on at once, take a few trips. It will be a much safer in the long run.

3) Uphold good maintenance and servicing

We cannot stress enough how important it is to uphold excellent daily maintenance checks on your forklift fleet, as well as regular forklift servicing with a certified Forklift Truck Service provider in Hull. A lack of maintenance and servicing will not only cause defects and unreliability to your truck, but at worst, it could cause a bad accident and end up very expensive indeed.

4) Use effective communication

Operating a forklift truck requires excellent communication between operators and people working around them to ensure total safety and understanding. Failure to communicate effectively can cause crossed wires or others being unaware of the forklift presence and vice versa. Lack of clear communication can result in collisions and other kinds of accidents, all of which can be avoided with a clear strategy in place. Short, morning briefings are a good way to start the working day – letting everyone know the plan for the day, and the whereabouts of the forklifts in the area.

5) Don’t drive fast

Whilst it might be tempting to race around the warehouse, to complete tasks as quickly as possible, this can be extremely dangerous, especially if there are other employees operating in the same vicinity. Speeding in a truck could mean your tasks take longer in the long run, if you have to stop and fix mistakes along the way. In addition, speeding in your forklift can overwork the engine, and can cause malfunctions on certain parts of the truck, which could be expensive to fix. Set a speed limit and stick to it.

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