Hand in Glove – Electrification and Solar Power

Pioneering Green Initiatives: TCM FHB35 Electric Forklifts and Sustainable Power Integration

In a move towards a greener and more efficient future, our client PBS has recently acquired two cutting-edge TCM FHB35 (3.5T) electric counterbalance forklifts, signalling a positive shift away from traditional and less efficient diesel-powered equipment. Embracing change with enthusiasm, PBS is at the forefront of industry innovation by adopting electric forklifts that not only deliver a long list of enhanced safety features but also incorporate the latest driver comfort and performance benefits.

The electrification of the MHE fleet by PBS stands out as a symbol of their commitment to sustainability, as the company pairs their electric forklift investment with a synergistic approach to energy sourcing. Harnessing the power of the sun, they have also installed solar panels to supply the electric forklifts with clean, renewable energy. This strategic move not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with PBS’s dedication to offsetting their carbon footprint, contributing to a more environmentally responsible supply chain.

Barek Lift Trucks, the supplier of the TCM FHB35, played a pivotal role in facilitating this transformative transition. Notably, the trucks were successfully delivered ahead of schedule, showcasing Barek Lift Trucks’ commitment to meeting customer needs promptly. The partnership extends beyond the point of purchase, as Barek Lift Trucks provides ongoing support with high-quality after-sales service, ensuring PBS experiences a seamless and efficient integration of their new electric forklift fleet.

The partnership reflects the mutual dedication of both entities to driving positive change within the industry while setting new standards for sustainability and efficiency.

To find out more about the impressive list of safety, comfort and efficiency features of our FHB25-35 range of counterbalance electric trucks, please click here for their product brochure: TCM FHB35 Brochure