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Top Tips – Helpful advice on extending your forklifts battery life

The battery is the heart of an electric forklift and forms a fundamental part to its make up and performance, therefore, it is extremely important you keep it well maintained at all times. The battery is said to equate up to 30% of the price of a new Electric forklift and is expected to last up to a minimum of 6,000 working hours.

Here are our top tips for keeping your battery and forklift truck in optimum condition:


Forklift batteries are designed for long life; given the significant usage levels they are put under. Even though they are designed for a long life, it is up to the user to ensure that proper charging occurs so the battery performs as it was designed to. Constant neglect and bad treatment will only end in increased expenses. Operating your forklift at less than this level can cause the components to run hot which can lead to increased downtime due to either; (i) replacing burnt components or in the most severe cases, (ii) replacing the battery motor. At this level of charge, your forklift is not operating to its full capacity; the traction and hydraulics will slow down and it is time to get it back up to 100%.


Simple self-maintenance can be great for gaining general knowledge about your forklift battery, not to mention increased lifetime and savings. When dealing with fluid levels of a forklift battery there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Do not try and give your battery a quick charge during work breaks, as it will only result in the declining performance and efficiency of the battery. We would only advise on a fast charge in an emergency. The batteries on an electric forklift should not be placed on charge more than once a day, doing so, will damage both the battery performance and forklift. This in turns creates downtime and can increase the risk of an accident occurring in the workplace.


Water plays an integral role in the running and life expectancy of your forklift battery. It is critical that distilled water is added at regular intervals to ensure it doesn’t dry up and become brittle which in turns leads to permanent damage of the battery. This action should only be carried out after you have charged the battery and not before.


One of the most common reasons for battery failure is sulphation. This is a natural process with white sulphuric crystals attaching themselves to the lead plates, which in turn stops the battery being able to accept, hold or deliver a charge. During the regular checks that need to be in place, you need to ensure you look out for the white crystals forming on the battery.

At Barek, we have extensive knowledge of battery maintenance and can offer you the following services so that your business experiences reduces expense, improved safety, increased performance and extended life span for your electric forklifts and batteries. These include:

  • Topping-up contracts
  • Shift batteries
  • Battery health-checks

If you would like any further advice/information or want to arrange a meeting to discuss your forklift maintenance requirements, please get in touch on or alternatively call us on: 01482 218151

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