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“Out with the Old” & “In with the New” – The Evolution of the Reach Truck

It is the continual pursuit of technological development that pushes the boundaries of how we work, rest and play.

There is probably no better illustration of this than the development of mobile phone technology which in the last 20 years has completely changed the way we live our lives.

Over the years, the materials handling sector has been busy beavering away too, looking at the way businesses operate and developing the equipment with driver ergonomics, efficiencies, performance and health & safety in mind.

As they say, “a picture paints a thousand words” so what better way to illustrate the evolution of design and product development over the last 20 years than by comparing the below two reach trucks. Below is a picture taken in the Barek Lift Trucks workshop in Hull last week of the new TCM RTM160 against an older reach truck.

The fundamental principles of the structure remain almost the same. However, the differences in the ‘driver experience’ could not be more profound.

New TCM Reach Truck vs Old Reach Truck

Some of the class leading innovations and differences which have enhanced safety, driver comfort and performance on the new TCM equipment are:

  • ProVision Concept: The ProVision mast system, the angled overhead protection bars and ‘see through’ pillars, are optimised for all-round vision, safety and productivity.
  • ErgoLogic Controller: With ErgoLogic all in one joystick control you have effortless control over all hydraulic functions – instead of the separate levers for lift, tilt, reach and side-shift. The neutral posture minimises muscle, tendon and nerve stress. This controller represents the most ergonomic design in the whole of the fork lift industry.
  • Tilting Seat: For very high lifting, the seat backrest slides on runners which enables the seat to be tilted within the cabin area to enhance the operators vision and ergonomics whilst reducing neck and shoulder strain.
  • Mini steering wheel: TCMs unique mini steering wheel allows effortless manoeuvring with minimum strain on the arm, neck and shoulders.
  • Personal performance settings: The option of maximum speed can be adjusted to suit each operators driving skills, the truck performance can be individually set in the ATC truck computer. PIN code entry allows authorised use only for improved safety.
  • Automotive pedal design: To enhance driving safety, the pedals follow the same logic as in a car “speed to the right and braking in the middle. The safety switch to the left is conveniently operated with a minimum of effort. When the truck stands still, the parking brake is automatically activated.
  • Easy-entry instep: The separate footstep gives a low, comfortable instep (390 mm). This, together with the specially designed instep handle, makes it easy to get in and out of the truck.
  • Adjustable floor: At the touch of a button, the operator can lower or raise the floor by up to 70 mm for a perfect driving position.

It is the mission statement of TCM to develop ‘The worlds most personal reach truck‘ – with the operator at the epicentre of the design.

The challenges for those designers today is develop the next generation of truck to service the requirements of businesses and the health and wellbeing of their employees for the next 5 – 7 years.

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