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Keep your warehouse team motivated this Christmas

Everything in the workplace has changed this year. New rules, new regulations, new ways of working. It’s left many warehouse workers feeling anxious, uncertain and demotivated. And, not only that, all Christmas parties have been cancelled too!

But, despite the changes in the ways of working and less social gatherings, there are still ways to keep your team’s spirits high. And, as your employees adjust to how, when and where they work, it’s a great opportunity for you to do a better job at keeping them motivated.

Here we suggest some ways to keep your team motivated throughout the winter and Christmas period…

  1. Keep up with the training

Training isn’t just for new employees. Ongoing training should always be part of the routine for warehouse staff. It gives everyone the chance to brush up on existing skills, resolve uncertainties and prevent bad habits from setting in. It also helps to keep staff confident and motivated, knowing that they are at the forefront of all new industry updates.

Here at Barek, we provide a number of manual handling training services to ensure that your employees have adequate training before they use work equipment. Forklift training courses can be provided at either our own Training School or on your premises at your convenience.

  1. Consider flexible working

There’s no doubt that shift work plays a large part in the successful running of your warehouse. People’s preferences will vary, and it won’t be possible to please everyone around the Christmas break. However, careful and considerate planning will ensure no one is stuck with the unpopular shifts for very long.

You can support this further by operating a shift swap system to give more flexibility and choice with working hours during the festive period. Staff will greatly appreciate the freedom to manage their work schedule in this way.

  1. Encourage responsibility

Even the most committed of staff members will struggle to maintain their focus all the way through the festive period. Therefore, reward good employees with hope for the coming year.

Get them involved in training new recruits or helping with an exciting big project for the New Year. This will make people feel valued and more involved with the business. Employees need the chance to experience new things and take on more responsibility to keep them interested in the role.

  1. Keep everyone feeling safe

Never underestimate the impact of a cramped and dirty warehouse workplace. These areas are depressing places to spend a shift and can be dangerous if machinery is involved.

Check the safety of your forklift trucks with regular services and Thorough Examinations. And, keep warehouses clean, well-lit and clear for a more cheerful and safe environment. Your staff must know that their safety and wellbeing is most important to the company.

  1. Use automation

In order to keep your warehouse modern and up-to-date, you should try to use the latest automation methods wherever possible.

Mobile workstations, hand-held tablets and automated bins will reduce the time taken to complete tasks. Staff will be more productive, and it makes their daily routine less tedious and more rewarding.

  1. Offer incentives

Financial incentives are a great way to encourage productivity and provide a big boost for employees. Especially around Christmas time when we tend to need more disposable income.

When extra money isn’t possible, there are still other ways to reward good work. A surprise lunch or some mince pies and Christmas tunes during a break will go a long way to showing appreciation and goodwill. Even something as simple as a personal, handwritten message in a Christmas card from a manager or senior colleague is sure to make someone feel valued and supported.

  1. Keep everyone informed

The media and general scaremongering can lead to staff feeling anxious and unsure about their job security. Economic fluctuations in your business could lead to a host of changes that directly affect your staff.

From shift patterns, wages and bonuses to the purchase of new equipment and the implementation of new projects, you should share as much information as you can with your employees – even if it’s not always positive. This will avoid confusion, stop gossiping and keep motivation as high as possible. If people are kept informed, they are more likely to be loyal and motivated to rise to the challenge in a positive way.

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