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Investing in Local Partnerships: The Deep

At Barek Lift Trucks we firmly believe in supporting local businesses. Our relationship with The Deep, one of Hull’s premier tourist attractions spans over a decade and we’re very proud of our association with them.

The Deep is one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world and home to a whopping 3,500 fish, not to mention a colony of Gentoo penguins!

Whilst the general public marvel at the spectacular displays of diverse marine life, teams of enthusiastic marine experts ensure that the conditions for each and every one of the species remain at their optimum! That is no small task believe me.

At Barek, our involvement is to ensure that The Deep has the right materials handling equipment to help ensure that everything behinds the scenes runs smoothly. Whether it’s the electric pallet trucks supporting the movement of a multitude of products, to the forklifts which are on hand to unload deliveries of the specialist imported salt for the huge water tanks.

Below are some pictures of our brand new TCM Diesel Forklifts unloading the imported salt for the huge water tanks.

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