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How to optimise efficiency in your warehouse

If running a warehouse, or several, is part of your day-to-day business activity, then you will be aware of the constraints and costs that come hand in hand with it.

The good news is that there are ways of improving efficiency and better utilising space, so that material handling costs can significantly be reduced.

Here we look at some practical solutions that you could look to put into practice:

  1. Automated processes

Often, in a warehouse environment, there are many tasks and processes that are very repetitive and time consuming. Therefore, it is helpful to investigate whether any of these processes can be automated, to save both time and money.

Automated retrieval picking, sorting and putaways can improve quality control and reduce the need for manual labour in these areas. Stock level notifications can also be automated as well as dynamically monitoring short-shelf-life stock and slow-moving stock, too.

Automation increases speed, efficiency and quality ,and will save your business time and money in the long run, as well as boosting warehouse performance, accuracy and reputation.

  1. Space maximisation

Maximising space in a warehouse is essential to ensure that everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible and to make operator’s jobs safer and easier.

Consider not only the footprint of your warehouse, but also the vertical space too. Moving smaller, lighter items to tall shelving units could help to increase revenue, whilst eliminating the need for extra premises.

An optimal warehouse layout considers both product and inventory storage as well as loading and unloading procedures, which are vital in this type of environment.

  1. Routine maintenance on vehicles and equipment

Poorly-serviced forklift trucks, faulty shelving and leaky roofing can all have serious detrimental effects on the efficiency and safety of a warehouse.

If left to their own devices, run-down vehicles, interiors and equipment could end up causing your business thousands in repair and errors.

Regular maintenance for hired fork lifts, equipment replacement and interior refurbishments need to be planned into your overall operations strategy, ensuring that everything remains effective and compliant.

By improving space utilisation, incorporating automation techniques and looking after your machinery and equipment, you can expect improved efficiency, greater customer satisfaction and a reduction to your overall material handling costs.


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