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Stacker Ride/Sit In Telereach

Pioneered by TCM, the SRT/SST sit-on stacker allows you to stack double deep. The ability to handle two pallets in depth from the same side of the aisle means you can save up to 30% floor space.

The SRT/SST forklift is for stacking and internal transport. It can handle all kinds of pallets and load carriers. The telescopic forks allow you to reach double-pallet depth into racks. In some applications, this function can replace a small reach truck. This is also very useful when extra reach is needed to load/unload vehicles.

Advanced ergonomic design including TCM’s unique power-assisted mini steering wheel and fully adjustable armrest, seat and floor facilitates handling and maximises comfort. The operator is fully protected within the chassis and has an excellent overview which allows safe and precise handling.

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