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SRD 200 Double Stacker with Platform

Combining double stacker efficiency with long distance capacity, this new truck is your flexible partner all the way through the warehouse.

The new SRD 200 is perfectly suited to cross docking operations including loading/unloading, internal transports and double stacking. Standing safely on the operator platform, the operator conveniently handles two pallets per work cycle.

Ensuring superior ergonomics and efficiency, the truck features a ProVision mast design as well as traction and safety enhancing technologies such as a hydraulic Friction Force system and an Anti-Rollback function.

Allowing for long travel distances and extended work cycles, the folding operator platform has excellent damping, while the operator is protected by foldable protection bars. A number of fixed platforms are available as options. The low chassis prevents foot injuries, and the compact design together with power steering fixed (optional) facilitates manoeuvring in tight spaces.

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