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Reach Truck Swivel

A versatile very narrow aisle reach truck based on the chassis of the hugely successful Tergo reach truck. A forklift truck for working in very narrow aisles whilst providing effective free-range manoeuvrability outside the narrow-aisle store.

Featuring 180 degree fork rotation, the RTS is a narrow aisle stacker primarily for use in guided aisles but with free-range ability outside the guided aisle. With transfer aisles as small as 3,700mm the RTS offers the opportunity to maximise space utilisation and storage capacity combined with the ability to free range throughout the whole building.

A perfect truck when working in combination with High level Order Pickers.

Resulting in the most suitable truck for stacking operations working alongside the most suitable truck for picking operations.
Allowing the operator to concentrate fully on the job of stacking, the truck is guided in the aisle by floor mounted rails or under-floor wire. The load can be raised as soon as the truck is in the aisle providing the performance gained from diagonal lift & travel. Typical work cycle times are 15-20% faster than free-range trucks. Further options such as a pre-selector for quickly and accurately arriving at the correct storage level further enhances efficiency. And to provide the operator with maximum visibility a camera and monitor are available.

Featuring Dynamic Cornering Control (DCC). The smart technology that provides the best combination of increased safety and high performance. The RTS with DCC fitted as standard automatically adjusts cornering speeds to allow maximum performance whilst also maintaining the highest level of safety.

With Ergologic all in one joystick control you have effortless control over all hydraulic functions. The neutral posture minimises muscle, tendon and nerve stress. The most ergonomic design in the whole of the fork lift industry.


Drive speed 14 – 13.2kph Lift speed 0.43 -0.37m/s Lowering speed 0.56-0.55 m/s


Great space utilisation with stacking asiles for 1200 mm deep load from as small as 1640 mm.


This is not a turret truck. It is a compact man down VNA truck, able to lift to 10.35m.The smallest transfer aisle in the industry (3700mm in rail guidance).


Perfect for storing all paperwork and also as a writing desk for admin purposes, or computer terminal safe and protected location.


Easy to use controls requiring only fingertip pressure, also well spaced so that drivers in cold stores with gloves can also use them easily.


The most robust cold store cabin in the industry with clear all round vision. Easy entry/exit with complete driver protection insulation.


The most robust cold store cabin in the industry with clear all round vision. Easy entry/exit with complete driver protection insulation.


Eliminates the need for trucks to feed P & D s. The truck can easily drive to a pick up location then deliver the load into its VNA rack location. 1 function 1 operation. Most efficient use of driver’s time.

Built on the reach truck chassis and it maintains an extremely high level of common parts. Makes access to parts better and maintains engineer familiarity with working parts.

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