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Forklift Tyres

At Barek, we stock an extensive range of industrial forklift tyres that are compatible with the vast majority of forklift trucks and material handling equipment. To enable us to meet each and every demand of our clients and customers, we ensure we allow for every eventuality, therefore we offer the tyres in a range of budgets and specifications.

Premium Tyres

As with any automotive vehicle, what you put into it, you get out of it, whether that be with the fuel you use or the tyres you decide to put on it. It is no different with forklift truck tyres and therefore in order to maximise, performance, comfort, safety and efficiency, choosing the right tyres is extremely important.

At Barek, we have in-house experts qualified to advise you on your options and so that you choose the right tyre for your forklift.

Standard Tyres

We also offer our customers the option of choosing from a range of standard forklift tyres, however, we tend to advise against this option where possible because we strongly believe that in the long term, this option will end of costing the end user more money due to increased downtime of the forklift through either having to replace them sooner due to their shorter product life span or through an increase in the fuel costs.

The lift cycle of a forklift tyre

There are a number of factors that can impact the tread on a forklift tyre. These include the type of surface in which they are running on, the total number of hours its been used, the weight of the load its carrying and the quality of the driver operating the forklift. When the depth of the tread on the tyre is less than 5mm, it is time to replace with new tyres so that you are not risking damaging either the forklift or the driver operating the machinery.

Our full range

  • Solid Tyres – Designed for indoors, smooth surfaces. Improved efficiency and minimal maintenance required.
  • Pneumatic tyres – Air filled tyres designed for rough terrain
  • Specialist compound tyres – Wet grip, heat resistant, anti-static, non-marking, ideal for cold stores
  • Polyurethane – Press on band
  • Wheel re-bonding
  • Warehouse application tyres

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