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Forklift dealer vs. forklift manufacturer…!

A question posed regularly in the forklift industry is, what are the main similarities and differences working with a forklift dealer compared to a forklift manufacturer? We understand the importance in choosing your forklift supplier, therefore we wanted to highlight some key areas when analysing two types of companies, both selling similar equipment, at generally the same prices.


When working with a large manufacturer, there is the tendency that you become just a number to them and you have to join a queue when you have any queries, concerns or need a quick decision. This can become increasingly frustrating when you require an instant decision that could mean the difference between winning and losing business.

Dealers like to be close with their clients, understand their businesses and have decision makers at hand so that you can cut through the obstacles and bureaucratic nature of the manufacturers. They like to work alongside you rather than just constantly try to sell at you.


Manufacturers can say that they cover the country nationwide, however, without dedicated personnel in your region, it is very easily to be forgotten about. Once you have signed that contract and your equipment is delivered, it is often the case that your promised dedicated Account Manager is away from their desk a lot more frequently than prior to signing the contract and becomes difficult to get hold of. Manufacturers fail to realise that you need their support moving forward.

Dealers on the other hand are carefully selected given their geographical location to ensure that the quality of service you received is always as good as it should be. Another benefit of being with a dealer is the very fact that their network will cover all areas across the country so this allows you to have full business coverage should you need it.


With a dealer, you really do get the best of both worlds. You still get to work with a manufacturer who’s developing and producing innovative materials handling equipment but you get that piece of mind that you are working with a company that isn’t all about numbers and getting equipment out of the door.

At Barek, we form part of the TCM dealership network, covering Hull, Harrogate, York and the surrounding area and we pride ourselves in having a very close working relationship with all of clients. Are you getting everything you need from your Forklift supplier? If not, get in touch and we will be happy to help in any form we can.

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