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Barek Lift Trucks: Custom Built Reel Handler

Case Study: Custom Reel Handler:
One of our valued customers recently challenged us to provide them with a solution to a new legislation affecting the handling of materials on their production line – minimising contact, possible cross-contamination, whilst working in a confined space!

After extensive research and various demonstrations, we found the solution!

Working together with a UK based specialist in the manufacturing of high quality multi-purpose lifting equipment, we used an existing design and modified it to fit the customers specific needs.

6 weeks later the unit was designed, built and delivered to customers site. The custom built, high lift, stainless steel reel handler has proven an instant success and enabled the customer to meet current regulations within their industry whilst improving productivity!

Pictures of the unit can be found below.

If you would like any more information on this equipment or have your own challenge for us then please call our team on 01482 218151.

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