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TCM forklifts are based on a proud history and a strong global and innovative engineering platform. This mean products designed that meet high demands in terms of technology, quality, ergonomics and design. The core product infrastructure has a high level of tailored options to ensure that every truck meets customers exact needs. Products include warehouse and counterbalance trucks as well as specific solutions for special applications. With load capacities from 350 to 10 000 kg TCM strives to cover all material handling needs indoors and outdoors.
Especially developed to provide our customers with the most reliable and efficient technology in daily operation, TCM’s counterbalanced trucks have been designed to meet the most challenging requirements even in the most demanding environments. The FD/FGE series provides excellent handling performance. All models feature an excellent operator’s environment, that can be individualised through personal settings, to enable the driver to make use of the opportunities the truck provides. Maximum uptime is crucial for smooth processes in production and logistics. To reduce costly downtime, TCM trucks not only feature robust, powerful technology, they also come equipped with a full range of features that make for low maintenance. Mounted with clean yet powerful engines, the FD/FGE series of forklift trucks provides enhanced environmental friendliness with low emissions and fuel consumption.
Available in both three-wheel and four-wheel variants, the TCM electric range of counterbalance trucks combine innovative design with class-leading ergonomics and truck performance. Setting new standards in terms of productivity and efficiency is one thing getting the power on the tarmac is something else. All models of the FB/FTB series feature an excellent operators environment, that can be individualised through personal settings, to enable the driver to make use of the opportunities the truck provides. Low energy consumption and high performance keep the FB/FTB series running while others are back in the charging bay and reduce your carbon footprint in the long run
The TCM range of electric pallet trucks offers a number of different configurations to suit all types of application. The PTL range is ideal for short distance travel, for loading and unloading transport vehicles and for small warehouses and production areas where space is at a premium. These machines have excellent manoeuvrability to work in tight spaces. If you want to pick up two pallets at once, choose the PTE pedestrian model which can safely pick up one pallet on the forks and another on the straddle legs. For applications where a ride-on truck is preferred, we offer models with a flip-down operator platform or full stand-in or sit-in operator compartments, which are ideal for long travel distances and for medium to high intensity work patterns. All variants come with a choice of battery capacities and optional equipment to enhance productivity and efficiency.
The TCM range of pedestrian and rider stackers are highly versatile, providing low cost solutions for medium height stacking applications up to a maximum of 6750mm. These machines are ideal for use with standard Euro pallets or other open based loads such as stillages or cages. Wide straddle variants are also available for handling British perimeter-based pallets or wider unit loads. Our model SPD pedestrian stacker is specially designed for double pallet handling, resulting in increased productivity. Stand-in, rider platform and sit-on versions are ideal for longer travel distances. These models are fast, stable and compact and will operate in extremely limited stacking aisles The modern design of these stacker trucks includes specially rounded edges to safeguard personnel, prevent product damage and to allow for easy cleaning. Robust construction includes metal side panels to help absorb impacts, whilst a modular format enables components to be shared across the range for economic and rapid parts availability. The SRT and SST variants are also available with telescopic forks for double-deep racking storage, which maximises space utilisation in the warehouse.
Pramac is our European range of manual and pedestrian operated materials handling equipment, which has been in manufacture since 1966 The Italian plant where Pramac is developed and manufactured, employs highly experienced personnel in a fully integrated production process (from sheet metal to the finished product) This experience coupled with the on-going development of the trucks ensure that the entire range of machines delivers top quality build and performance. From light duty to intensive applications, Pramac product is backed up by Barek’s excellent after-sales service and support to give you guaranteed uptime and safety of operation.
TCM range of high and multi-level order pickers extends to lift height of nearly 10 metres. Mast and chassis design together with wide wheel base offers exceptional stability and safety for operating at these extreme picking heights. Modular construction and a massive range of options enables each truck to be tailored precisely to the materials handling requirement of the operation.
The TCM RT series reach truck offers high quality components combined with industry leading operator ergonomics and truck performance. Therefore the RT series fits perfectly in the TCM family of high value warehouse and counterbalance trucks. The RT series range offers reach trucks from 1.25 tonne to 2.5 tonne load capacity with a wide variety of masts that can reach lifting heights up to 12.1 metres, whilst retaining optimal load capacities. Additionally options like drive-in racking, rail guidance and cold store protection allow you to tailor the truck to your specific application.
The TCM URF is a highly sophisticated very narrow aisle truck with swivel-reach. Its forks rotate horizontally through 180 degrees to allow stacking on either side of the aisle, and to the front. This truck can be used in free-ranging operations around the warehouse or with rail or wire guided operation in aisles as narrow as 1.5 metres. This allows for optimum space utilisation of the warehouse and is a faster, simpler solution than man-up operation.
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